Overpronation - Should we worry?

With the London marathon looming, the subject of overpronation is very much talked about in the running community. A question commonly asked is....does foot type make any difference in running related injuries?


Historically, foot type was classified as overpronator, underpronator or neutral. More recently, research now looks at whether this thinking should still exist.


The most significant study to date elicited some very interesting results. 927 non-runners were recruited to take part who were willing to take up running. These individuals were divided into five groups:-


# Highly supinated

# Supinated

# Neutral

# Pronated

# Highly pronated


Results showed that of the 99% of runners, foot type had no bearing on injury. So what does this mean?


1) It is important to choose a shoe that is comfortable. Evidence suggests that perception of comfort is vital to a runner's outlook. 

2) Pay more attention to non-shoe factors i.e. training overload, musculo-skeletal imbalance, poor planning.

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