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Give yourself some time and care

As we ease into the new year, looking after yourself may be something which needs attention. Care of self can range from simple ideas such as drinking more water in the day, taking regular exercise, or eating a more balanced diet.

It would not be uncommon for patients to ask for help with injuries they have been carrying for months, or even years. When asked why they hadn't considered consulting a health professional sooner even though it has been impacting their lives considerably, the following would often be raised:-

# No time

# Work pressures

# Family commitments

# Not giving self-worth

# Financial constraints

# Feelings their pains would just get better by themselves

All these factors are completely understandable, as it is easy to put yourself at the bottom of the pile and 'soldier on'. However, letting injuries persist for long periods of time increases the likelihood of you suffering with chronic pain. Chronic pain is very complex and is well known for being a challenge to treat due to the multi-factorial nature of persistent pain. Intervening with injuries in the first six weeks substantially increases your outcome in making a full recovery.

Patients will occasionally say they didn't know who to approach in getting help. Osteopaths offer help and guidance for all musculoskeletal injuries, from knee pain, sciatica and whiplash, to tennis elbow. We are trained to diagnose injuries through thorough examinations, and if we feel medical testing may be required, such as blood tests or imaging, then will will guide through a referral process. Osteopaths train in healthcare so we can guide and support patients in making a difference to their lives There really is no better feeling than having patients say they are now 100% better, and how their lives have been completely transformed..


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