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Long Covid

The long term effects of coronavirus are still unknown, but research is being conducted to understand how the general population may be affected in years to come.

A study programme called REACT-2 shows over a third of people who had coronavirus reported symptoms lasting at least 12 weeks. The study observed 508,707 adults who had symptoms of coronavirus, to self-report any ongoing signs and symptoms. Over a third reported persistent symptoms lasting at least 12 weeks, and a tenth of those were severe.

The following risk factors were identified as being significant for persistent symptoms:-

# Female population

# Over weight or obese

# Smokers

# Those admitted to hospital

Reported persistent symptoms include:

# Tiredness and muscle aches

# Difficulty sleeping

# Shortness of breath affecting normal activities

# Tightness in the chest

# Chest pain

It is vital we learn more about the long term effects of coronavirus, so there can be the necessary infrastructure in place to support those suffering in years to come.

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