It has been many weeks since Head 2 Toe Osteopathy temporarily closed it's doors in response to the global pandemic. During this time, online video consultations have been the focus, helping those at home with advice and rehabilitation exercises to steer them on the road to recovery. 

The Institute of Osteopathy have been our guides during this period, who have consistently given guidance on how we should operate safely. Given current government guidelines, we have been to permitted to operate through lockdowns as long as safe protocols involving personal protection equipment (PPE) and infection control are implemented.

Without a doubt, the clinical environment will be very different for both myself and patients. I would just like to outline the changes you can expect, should you wish to book a face to face appointment.

Online video consultations will continue to be made available, for those who are shielding, have COVID-19 or would prefer not come into clinic. This is proving to be a successful tool, where numerous patients have been very happy with their experiences and have made some very positive progress.


How your clinical experience will change:-

  • When you book your appointment, you will need to confirm you are not exhibiting cold and flu-like symptoms, and have not had recent exposure to those affected by Covid-19. Please respond to the pre-screening questions in your booking confirmation email.

  • If required, 24 hours before your appointment you will be called to see if you have any questions regarding the appointment, and if your pre-screening responses have changed. This is to be sure it is safe for you to attend your treatment. If you are in a vulnerable group, then it is imperative you mention this.

  • You will be asked to attend at the specific time of your appointment, not early to avoid exposure to others.

  • You will be asked to wear a mask to the appointment for our protection. If you do not have one, then I can provide a mask for the fee of £1.

  • You will be encouraged to have your temperature taken using an infra red thermometer, and to use the 72% alcohol gel on arrival and at departure.

  • I will be looking very different so please do not be alarmed! The guidance encourages the use of an apron, gloves, mask, and eye protection if needed. I will also be wearing blue medical scrubs to reduce the potential for viral spread. 


Steps taken to ensure your safety:-

  • Appointment times will be adapted to implement infection control procedures between patients. This will include wiping down contact points such as the couch, door handles, chairs, desks, as well as wiping the pillow cases with alcohol wipes.

  • I will be wearing personal protection equipment, and will be running through a strict regime of hand washing, changing aprons, masks and gloves between patients.

  • Carpet viricide will be used around patient areas in the treatment room to ensure the floor is sanitised.

  • Social distancing will be implemented by ensuring there is no crossover of patient appointment times. Please arrive promptly to your appointment, not early.

  • The treatment room will be aerated at the end of the morning and afternoon clinical sessions.

  • A Dyson air purifier has been installed with HEPA filter, with the aim of reducing potential viral load in the treatment room. The windows will continue to be opened as long as it does not affect the ambient room temperature.


Payments can be prepaid online at the time of booking the appointment, or can be taken after the appointment. When booking online, you will be directed to a secure payment page before receiving your confirmation of appointment email. If used, the card machine will be cleaned thoroughly between every transaction.

Non-essential items in the treatment room will be removed to avoid the potential for potential viral transmission.