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  • What is Osteopathy?
    Osteopathy is a holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on the musculoskeletal system and its connection to overall health. Osteopath use manual techniques such as stretching, massaging, and manipulating the musculoskeletal system to improve the body's natural healing processes. Osteopaths take a patient-centred, whole-body approach to address not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of discomfort and dysfunction. This may involve hands-on treatment, exercise therapy, and lifestyle advice to help our clients achieve optimal health and well-being. The goal is to promote self-healing and restore balance within the body, rather than just treating specific ailments.
  • What can Osteopathy help with?
    Osteopaths can help with a wide range of musculoskeletal issues, such as back pain, neck pain, joint pain, sports injuries, arthritis, and postural problems. We also provide treatment for headaches, migraines, and issues related to pregnancy, as well as support for overall health and wellbeing. Our approach focuses on identifying the root cause of the problem and using manual techniques to improve the body's structure and function, promoting natural healing processes. We also emphasise patient education and empowering individuals to take an active role in their own health and recovery. Osteopaths are dedicated to providing personalised, compassionate care to help you achieve optimal physical health and wellness.
  • What should I expect during my first appointment?
    During your initial consultation you can expect a thorough assessment of your medical history, lifestyle, and any current concerns or conditions you have. Our Osteopath will then conduct a physical examination, which may involve assessing your posture, range of motion, and the overall function of your body. This hands-on approach helps us to identify any areas of tension, stiffness, or restricted movement that may be contributing to your discomfort. After the assessment, our Osteopath will discuss their findings and work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan, which may include manual therapy, exercise prescription, lifestyle advice, and more. We are committed to providing holistic, patient-centred care and empowering you to take control of your health and well-being. Our goal is to not only address your immediate concerns but also to prevent future issues and optimise your overall quality of life.
  • What should I wear for my consultation?
    For your first consultation it is recommended to wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement. This is important as the Osteopath may need to assess your posture, range of motion, and perform hands-on treatment techniques. Additionally, bringing a pair of shorts and a tank top or sports bra for women can be helpful, as it allows for better assessment of the body's structure and function. We want to ensure that you feel at ease during your consultation, so feel free to dress in a way that makes you feel relaxed and at ease.
  • Is osteopathic treatment uncomfortable and are there any side effects?
    We understand that every patient is unique and may have different levels of comfort during treatment. Osteopathic treatment is generally gentle and non-invasive, aiming to restore the body's natural balance and improve overall health. While some patients may experience mild discomfort during certain techniques, our practitioners always prioritise patient comfort and will adjust the treatment accordingly. As with any form of healthcare, there may be potential side effects such as temporary soreness or fatigue, but these are typically minimal and transient. Our team will discuss any potential side effects with you and ensure that you are well-informed and comfortable throughout your treatment.
  • Do you need to be referred for osteopathic treatment?
    No, you do not need a referral to seek osteopathic treatment. We accept self-referrals, meaning you can schedule an appointment directly with us without the need for a referral from your GP. Whether you have been referred by a healthcare provider or choose to seek treatment on your own, we are committed to delivering personalised and effective osteopathic treatment to help you achieve optimal health and well-being.
  • Can I use my private medical insurance for treatment?
    Yes, Head 2 Toe Osteopathy is registered with most major private medical insurers, including Bupa, AXA, Aviva, and more. It is essential to check with your insurance provider beforehand to confirm the exact coverage and any requirements they may have.
  • Is Osteopathy a regulated profession?
    Yes, Osteopathy is a regulated profession in the United Kingdom. Osteopaths are regulated by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and must adhere to strict standards of practice and code of conduct. This ensures that patients receive safe, effective, and high-quality care from qualified practitioners. At Head 2 Toe Osteopathy, our practitioners are fully registered with the GOsC, committed to providing the highest standard of osteopathic care for our clients. We adhere to the regulatory guidelines and uphold the professional and ethical standards set forth by the GOsC, prioritising the well-being and safety of our patients.
  • Do you have parking
    There is no parking directly outside but you can park on the road on the one-way system or in the car park next to the green. From there you can make your way into the centre of the triangle where you will see a flag and sign-written car outside.
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