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Acute tennis injuries

Acute injuries in elite professional tennis players differ to those who recreationally play. Reasoning behind this is down to associated training in strength and conditioning, proprioception and neuro-muscular feedback, which in turn, reduce the likelihood of injury.

Lower limb injuries are more common (59%) than in the upper limb (30%), and 11% occur in the head and trunk. Most will endure mild soft tissue injuries, and ankle sprains are the most common due to the sudden directional changes involved. Muscle strains, Achilles rupture, meniscal tears also occur in the lower limb, and upper extremity injuries can include rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow and wrist sprains.

Injury prevention is the best way to avoid time out of playing. Individuals need to be educated in how playing tennis impacts the body, and what type of injuries they are more susceptible to. Those that partake in strength and conditioning, flexibility and mobility training, and balance and proprioceptive exercises are less likely to suffer injury than those who do not. The majority of injuries can be managed conservatively, and a small percentage may require further intervention such as surgery.

If you need help with an injury, don't jump onto Google, consult your trusted health professional for advice, diagnosis, treatment and management strategies.


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