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Could you be overtraining? Read on...

Overtraining syndrome can occur when insufficient recovery is allowed between work out sessions. It may get to the point where too much exercise can hinder your results, and actually lead to de-conditioning.

Fitness levels can reduce, performance can diminish, and you may be jumping from one injury to another. It doesn't matter what type of training you are doing, be it weightlifting or HIIT workouts, they can all lead to burnout.

Lookout for the following signs of overtraining and ask yourself, do you fall into this bracket?

# persistent muscle soreness and pain

# overuse injuries such as shin splints, stress fractures, and plantar fasciitis, soft tissue injuries

# fatigue

# reduced appetite and weight loss

# irritability and agitation

# decline in performance

# training feels harder than usual

# poor sleep

# weight gain

# loss of motivation

If you feel yourself slipping into overtraining, then take a break! Let your body recover and heal, and restore your motivation and passion for training again.

Regular sports massage, hot and cold treatments and rest should be on the menu. Try and recuperate for two-weeks, but but it may take up to three-months, but you can still do gentle exercise to stay active. If you quickly feel exhausted again, then return to the resting phase.


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