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Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Most of us have experienced DOMS after strenuous exercise, by why does this happen?

Our muscles are made up of millions of tiny fibres which, during strenuous exercise, will become naturally damaged. As a result, there will be a build up of metabolic waste and chemicals, the muscle will shorten and restrict blood flow. All these factors will contribute to soreness. Muscle strength and endurance will be limited until they have repaired and recovered.

Prevention is always better than cure, so be sure to integrate the following steps into your regime:-

# Perform a comprehensive warm-up

# Allow adequate sleep and rest

# Eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated

If you do get hit with DOMS, then massage therapy is clinically proven to reduce exercise soreness and speed up recovery. Massage therapy increases blood flow to the soft tissues, which removes waste products and encourages fresh nutrients and oxygen to the muscles.


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