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Do you take enough time out of work?

Since the start of the pandemic where working at home has become the new 'norm', many are putting in more hours at their computers than ever. Many no longer have a commute to work, and instead, are working longer hours as a result of the extra time available, rather than thinking about their health and wellbeing. Alongside this, a proportion of people haven't taken extended holiday in over a year.

Studies conducted in 2020 revealed 43% of employees would take a sabbatical to improve their mental health, while 32% would go on sabbatical to improve their physical health. So what are the effects of not taking time out of work?

# increased stress and mental health struggles

# decreased productivity

# chronic fatigue

# poor physical health

# neck and back pain

# strain on relationships

So what can you do?

# get into a routine of exercising or going for a walk before you start work, and during the day

# always have a bottle or glass of water on your desk, and drink regularly

# set an alarm to go off every 45 minutes to get up and take a break

# find time to meditate, and look into yoga

# schedule in holiday throughout the year so you have workable milestones to work towards

Try and avoid getting caught on that hamster wheel where you feel like you cannot get off. Many of us feel like we could do with more time with friends and family, so it's up to you to make a change.


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