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How heavy can your head get when on tech?

Research has shown that individuals on average spend four hours per day looking at their smartphones - that's 1400 hours a year!

As you flex (bend) your neck forwards, the force placed on your neck increases substantially. Even at 15 degrees of bend, it doubles the weight of your head. At 45 degrees of bend, as much as 24 kg of weight is placed on your neck muscles, upper back and shoulders.

For many, we are now a nation of smartphone addicts and can unknowingly spend hours each day staring down at a screen. This places a huge amount of stress on our bodies, and can evolve into:-

# neck pain

# back pain

# shoulder pain

# headaches

# disc bulges

# wear and tear

# muscle stiffness

Before this becomes a problem for you, may be think about:-

# raising your screen higher

# sit in an ergonomic chair

# take regular breaks to get up and move around

# be strict with time limits

# consider a workstation assessment

# take regular exercise

It is always worth speaking to a health professional who can treat and advise you on how to manage and prevent re-occurrences of aches and pains.


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