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How to give others the confidence to seek osteopathic treatment

We all get bombarded with emails asking for reviews, particularly if you have used a service or bought a product from a company. Many of us will delete the email before even opening it, as we are often too busy or don't think it matters. The reality is, a review, particularly on Google, is a huge deal for a small business. Google reviews are genuine, and cannot be manipulated and offers a true insight into the services offered there.

I cannot count how many new patients have sought osteopathic treatment from Head 2 Toe Osteopathy based on Google reviews, as they feel they can trust the words written by current patients based on their very own positive experiences.

For those who have never seen an Osteopath before, the unknown can be quite unnerving, as you have only heard stories about what to expect, and this is your body you are trusting in the hands of someone you have only just met. Google reviews can give confidence to those who are unsure where to go for osteopathic treatment.

If you could give just FIVE minutes of your time to write a short review for Head 2 Toe Osteopathy, then I will be will be offering a FREE follow-up osteopathic consultation to a current patient picked at random at the end of March 2022.

Can I ask you to follow this link and leave a kind review for a small business?

Thank you all so much....


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