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Is osteopathic treatment uncomfortable?

Whenever I meet a patient for the first time, I always ask if they know what to expect from the consultation, and occasionally they reply with the word 'pain'. Jokes aside, this is a concerning report, as osteopathic treatment should not be painful, or something they should be fearful of.

If a patient has never had treatment before, then it is of course the unknown for them, and their expectations are usually clouded by reports they have heard from others who have seen an array of therapists in the past. At Head 2 Toe Osteopathy, a huge emphasis is placed on you the patient being fully informed in what to expect, whilst empowering you into feeling like you are in control of the treatment experience, and not a passenger. Some patients report to have had treatments where it has been very uncomfortable, but they feel they cannot say anything to the therapist, as that is what it should be like. This should never be the case, and feeling at ease and having the confidence to raise any concerns during the consultation should be welcomed by the therapist. All patients should leave the consultation well informed, and feel they have made the decisions in their pathway to recovery.

Overall, osteopathic treatment should be therapeutic, with a focused goal on improving function and reducing pain.


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