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Knee osteoarthritis? Kinesio-taping could help....

Marked knee osteoarthritis can be severely debilitating and affect peoples' quality of life. Pain management can often take the form of medication, physical therapy and exercise, but could kinesio-taping offer some benefit and relief?

Donec et al. (2018) investigated the effects of kinesio-taping and non-specific taping on individuals with severe knee osteoarthritis. The subjects received taping every week, for four weeks, and were then asked their pain score, usage of anti-inflammatory drugs, and level of function.

72% of the participants in the kinesio-taping group experienced a clinically significant reduction in knee pain in comparison to the non-specific taping group. The kinesio-taping group was also found to be more effective in alleviating knee pain when moving, and there was a reduced usage of anti-inflammatory drugs in 42% of the group.

Being able to move and exercise is also an important management tool for knee osteoarthritis, and if kinesio-taping can accommodate individuals to exercise more and perform strength training, then it is a useful non-invasive tool to offer.

Donec, V. and Kubilius, R. (2018). Effectiveness of kinesio-taping in severe pain treatment due to knee osteoarthritis. A randomised double-blinded controlled trial. Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. 61: 131.


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