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Knee pain? Your knee may not be the problem...

Knee injuries are a very common complaint and can arise from a large number of reasons. It is obviously crucial to examine the knee, to observe any structural issues with the joint itself. However, it would not be uncommon for lower back, pelvic, hip, ankle and foot imbalances to be the primary cause of knee pain. This can involve joint restriction, muscle imbalance and weakness and underlying illness which may be feeding into the problem.

Once the predisposing and maintaining factors have been identified, then a treatment plan can be put together. This may be in the form of hands-on therapy, dry needling, kinesio-taping and home-based rehabilitation.

Common knee injuries include:-

# Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury

# Meniscal tear

# Tendonitis

# Bursitis

# Patellar tendonitis

# Patello-femoral joint syndrome

# Ilio-tibial band syndrome

# Osteoarthritis

Risk factors include:-

# Over-weight

# Lack of flexibility and muscle strength

# Occupations and sports that load the knee

# Previous injury


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