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Not sure what Osteopathy can help with? Read on....

Many are still unfortunately aware of what Osteopathy can help with, so at Head 2 Toe Osteopathy, I would like to help.

When a patient seeks help for an injury, do they look for an Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, or Massage Therapist? Ultimately we are all trying to do the same thing, get you better! It essentially comes down to what you the patient expects from seeing a manual therapist, as all four professions will approach injuries from a slightly different angle.

At Head 2 Toe Osteopathy, a diagnosis will always be made. If you don't reach a diagnosis, then what are you treating? Patients are always educated in the mechanics of their injury, options for treatment and management, and should it be required, referred onwards for further testing.

Treatment is always very hands-on, possibly using soft tissue techniques, stretching, manipulative therapy, dry needling, percussion massage, and kinesio-taping. These options will always be discussed to see if you are happy with them, if not, then that will always be respected. Patients should never feel like a passenger in the treatment setting, they should feel in control, and happy with the plan ahead.

Home-based exercises are essential for a fast and complete recovery. Simply relying on treatment to solve the issue will potentially prolong your injury, and risk the possibility of the injury turning chronic.

The overall aim is to educate you about your injury, reduce your pain, improve your mobility, and stabilise with strength training to prevent future episodes from occurring.

Osteopathy can help with the conditions listed below. If you're unsure, then why not speak to an Osteopath and call 01883 338 318.


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