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Osteopathy for the prevention and treatment of sports injuries

Osteopathy was widely available for athletes during the London and Rio Olympics, and was a medical choice for athletes to help prevent and treat sporting injuries.

A study looked into the effects of osteopathic manipulative techniques in 1441 recreational and professional athletes in sports, including golf, athletics, American football, football, and baseball. The benefits of osteopathic treatment included:

  • improved shoulder internal rotation

  • Increased Hamstrings flexibility

  • Better outcomes for chronic ankle instability and chronic epicondylitis

As with many studies, further research is often recommended, however, osteopathic manipulative treatment in this instance was found to be effective in the prevention and treatment of sporting injuries.

Civitillo, C. (2018). Osteopathic manipulative treatment and sport: narrative review. GIOSBE Journal: (4:1).


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