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Patient review

A very kind review from a patient I help manage with their chronic lower back pain.

Chronic lower back pain affects as many as one-third of the population in the UK. Chronic lower back pain is defined as persistent pain for 12 weeks or more. It is often multi-factorial, meaning multiple interventions may be necessary to help improve symptoms.

During Covid, a large percentage of people with acute back pain, which could have been managed successfully with conservative treatment, turned chronic. Unfortunately, there are increasing numbers of chronic pain cases due to the lack of early intervention, but there is so much you can do to help, which, according to NICE, include:

# knowledge and understanding of chronic pain

# a supervised group exercise programme

# encouragement to remain physically active

# acceptance and commitment therapy or cognitive-2 behavioural therapy

# acupuncture or dry needling

# anti-depressants

# pain management options

You are most definitely not alone in your struggle with chronic pain, try and reach out, there is help out there.


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