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Reasons why you should be trail running

Trail running has grown exponentially over the last 10 years as people have seen the wide-reaching benefits compared to that of road running. Road running is very predictable, which can benefit those who simply want to switch off and let their minds wonder. Trail running requires navigation around and over rocks, roots and uneven ground, which can give you more mental clarity, build muscles and make you become an overall stronger runner. Here are the health benefits of hitting the trails:-

# Reduces your risk of injury

# Builds powerful legs and improves core stability

# Increases your endurance

# Improves balance and proprioception

# Boosts mental capacity

# Can reduce anxiety and depression

It is important you invest in the appropriate trail running shoes which will offer better grip and stability. Start off with shorter runs first and build it up from there. You'll find that running on unsteady terrain will tire you out more than you expected, but the overall rewards will make you stronger and faster.


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