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Running the London Marathon? Book your sports massage in ....

Sports massage is a common practice for a large number of athletes, and for good reason too. Some of you may be running the London Marathon on 2nd October and you obviously want to be at your best for the event. A pre and post-event sports massage can really help you for the run itself, and it can also aid in your recovery so you're not hobbling around next week from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Here's what the science says about the effect of sports massage:-

# it has a positive impact on perceived muscle fatigue

# flexibility has shown to improve, particularly hamstring length

# a 13% reduction in DOMS post-exercise

# increased joint range of motion

# increased sense of wellbeing

# decreased muscle spasms

# better sleep

Make all that hard training worth it and get your legs feeling their best on the day and book a pre and post event sports massage.


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