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Self-management is an important part of treatment for persistent low back pain

Historically, patients' lived in a world of total reliance on healthcare practitioners for their lower back pain, chronic or acute. Patients are now encouraged to play a key role in their own care by adapting to changing life circumstances and employing self-management techniques. Successful management of persistent back pain is not about healthcare professionals diagnosing and curing patients, it is about helping individuals live good lives despite back pain.

Self-management does not mean that people are alone and without health care, it empowers people to know when to consult for diagnostic assessment, symptom relief, or advice. Patients should be helped in developing confidence in themselves, and feel part of their management for lower back pain. They should also be able to understand their symptoms, which in turn, will keep them positive in knowing that they have self-guided support, and health care assistance if they need symptom relief.

If you feel you need support in managing persistent back pain, then call Head 2 Toe Osteopathy on 01883 338 318, or book online at


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