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Shoulder pain? Osteopathy works!

Shoulder complaints are a very common presentation to us as Osteopaths, and are very often multi-factorial in origin. Osteopaths are trained to effectively diagnose shoulder injuries, educate and empower patients into why their injury occurred, and offer options to help treat and manage their condition.

Schwerla et al. (2020) performed a study into how patients with a history of shoulder pain of 6 weeks to 12 months responded to osteopathic treatment. They received five osteopathic sessions over an eight-week period and were then assessed for pain intensity and frequency. Shoulder specific pain and disability was also assessed using an index measure.

Results showed statistically significant and clinically relevant positive changes of pain and disability in patients suffering with shoulder pain.

If you have been suffering with shoulder pain, then speak to an Osteopath at Head 2 Toe Osteopathy to see how Osteopathy could help you.


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