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Suffering neck and shoulder pain from working at your computer?

Computer use, coupled with poor working posture, is a prevalent cause of neck and shoulder pain. Persistent pain in these areas can affect occupational efficiency, leading to reduced productivity and increased absenteeism.

The main risks for developing neck and shoulder problems include working in positions where part of the body need to be supported (as with elevated arms), prolongued work in static postures, and repeated lifting of the arm or turning head to the side (poor ergonomics).

Systematic reviews offer high-quality guidelines for the treatment of neck and low back pain, and these should include reassurance, advice and education, manual therapy combined with other treatments such as exercise therapy. An osteopathic consultation often involves all of the above interventions.

Studies show that osteopathic consultation significantly reduces sensitivity to pressure of those suffering with neck and shoulder pain. Reports also indicate that the intensity of pain was significantly reduced immediately after treatment, and for the following four days.

Prevention is always better than cure, so ensure you have an ergonomic desk set up, take regular breaks, and exercise regularly. If you do suffer from neck and shoulder pain as a result of computer use, then osteopathy is a useful tool to reduce your aches and pains.

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