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The effect of massage guns at a cellular level

A study conducted by Seo, B.R. et al. (2021) looked into whether the use of massage guns, or "mechanotherapies" can accelerate muscle tissue healing and regeneration.

Previous studies discovered the use of mechanotherapy on injured tissue doubled the rate of muscle regeneration and reduced scarring over the course of two weeks., When tissue becomes injured, an inflammatory process occurs where there is an abundance of inflammatory markers called cytokines and chemokines.

Neutrophils are associated with inflammation, and are immune cells responsible for clearing out pathogens and damaged tissue. Neutrophils are also involved in the growth of muscles cells which is important in the early stages of injury. However, if neutrophils are present for too long, then the production of new muscle fibres can be impaired.

The use of massage guns (mechanotherapy) has shown to reduce neutrophil levels which in turn, improves muscle regeneration and reduces injury time.


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