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The truth behind 'runner's high'.

Have you had that feeling of total relaxation after a good run? Chances are your body has released a large number of endocannabinoids into your blood stream. You're probably thinking I should be referring to the well known hormone, endorphins. Research has found that endorphins do not pass the blood-brain barrier and is unlikely to contribute to the euphoric feeling felt after running. Endocannabinoids are mood-improving neuromodulators and promote a short-term reduction in anxiety and enhanced feelings of calm.

However, many surveys reveal runner's high to be quite rare and many distance runners often reports feeling exhausted after a long race. A large number of athletes have never experienced this phenomenon, despite its well known effects.

Regular exercise is also known to have anti-depressive effects, substantial cardiovascular benefits, and improved working memory and focus. By making aerobic exercise a regular part of your routine, it is the single best thing one can do to slow the cognitive decline that accompanies normal ageing.


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