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What is your motivation to run?

Since the pandemic numbers of runners has increased substantially across the UK, but what is the main motivation to get out there and train?

Runners Need surveyed 2000 runners in various geographical locations across the United Kingdom to delve into the reasons why they continue to run.

# Just over a quarter of those surveyed said they ran to maintain a healthy weight. Male runners were more concerned about their body image than women, as 60% of those who ran to maintain their healthy weight were male.

# Reducing stress and anxiety was the second largest reason why people run. Over 18% ran to alleviate stress and anxiety, and this was true for 20% of women and 16% of males.

# Just over 4% said they ran to socialise, and this was evident for 69% of male runners. Younger runners were more likely to run to socialise which is an enlightening statistic.

# Men are more likely not to run at all (55% of respondents). However, males are more likely to run more often that females, 70% of those running over 5 times a week.

# A third of runners are more likely to run first thing in the morning, and a 'clear and crisp' day was their favourite running condition.

# 36% of runners leave their headphones at home. Those that do listen to music, Rock was the leading genre. 35% of those running over 5K enjoy listening to a podcast, whereas 26% like listening to the natural environment.

It is always interesting to hear why others head out running as we all run for different reasons. The mental and physical benefits are far reaching, and if you're a unsure in how to get into running, then find your local running club online.


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