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What mechanical factors can be attributed to low back pain

Numerous mechanical factors are often attributed to be the causes of lower back pain, but does the evidence support the rationale?

Lets look at some examples of what you may have heard as being the primary cause of lower back pain. Which factor do you think has the strongest link in those that suffer lower back pain?

# An extenuated lumbar lordosis

# Pelvic tilt

# Abdominal muscle length and strength

# Back extensor muscle endurance

# Back extensor muscle flexibility

# Iliopsoas muscle length

# Hamstrings muscle length

# Leg length discrepancy

# Iliotibial band tightness

# Foot pronation

# Hip abductor and adductor muscle flexibility and strength

# Calf muscle flexibility

Interestingly back extensor muscle endurance is the predominating factor which offers a strong association in those that suffer with lower back pain. Patients with low back pain have significantly lower abdominal muscle strength and time to fatigue when compared to asymptomatic patients. The lumbar multifidus muscles have a crucial role in stabilisation of the lumbar spine, deconditioning of these muscles will have a pronounced effect on function and increase the likelihood of injury.


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