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Wrist pain? It could be this....

Wrist pain is becoming more prevalent in today's world, from those playing racquet sports and golf, to the many spending excessive time on technological devices.

The second most common tendonitis in the wrist is located on the inside (little finger side) where the wrist meets the hand. The Extensor Carpi Ulnaris (ECU) tendon can begin 'snapping' in and out of the groove leading to swelling, pain and weakness in hand-wrist strength. The sheath surrounding the tendon can become damaged and can no longer protect the tendon, leading to chronic instability. Movements that typically cause pain are wrist flexion, supination and pronation.

In a study conducted by Burgess et al. (2010) found that approximately 60% of symptomatic and asymptomatic computer users had 'snapping' distal ECU tendon. Also of interest, was that users that spent longer than two hours on computers had more significant 'snapping' tendon. This highlights the need to identify asymptomatic 'snapping' tendon injuries, and to address the predisposing and maintaining factors to avoid the onset of chronic wrist symptoms. Time spent on technological devices, such as computers, smartphones, and game consoles, all feed into the rising cases of asymptomatic ECU snapping and management will be a key feature in preventing chronicity.


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