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Does vibration massage reduce the effects of post exercise muscle soreness?

Post exercise muscle soreness occurs due to muscle damage induced by exercise. Classically, this soreness develops about 24 hours after exercise, and then slowly resolves over 5-7 days. Muscle soreness can have an effect on performance and your ability train, so reducing these effects would be of particular interest to those who exercise regularly.

Numerous research trials looked into the effects of vibration massage after strenuous exercise, when compared to a control group who were offered no intervention . Participants were measured for muscle soreness, performance and the levels of various blood chemicals. Out of six trials, all charted a significant reduction in muscle soreness and inflammatory markers. The peak frequency of 50Hz vibration appears to offer the best benefits.

Other benefits to vibration massage include:-

# muscle relaxation

# increased blood flow

# increased performance

# healing and rehabilitation

# trigger points


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