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What is Radial Shockwave Therapy?

Radial Shockwave Therapy (RSWT), also known as Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT), is a non-invasive medical treatment that uses acoustic waves to stimulate healing in various parts of the body, particularly in areas with musculoskeletal disorders or injuries. These acoustic waves are high-energy sound waves that are generated by a device and transmitted to the affected area. This provides effective pain relief, accelerated healing, and cell regeneration. 

What can it help with?

Radial shockwave therapy is commonly used to treat conditions such as:

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Achilles tendinopathy

  • Tennis elbow or golfer's elbow

  • Lateral hip pain

  • Rotator cuff tendinopathy

  • Patellar tendinopathy (jumper's knee)

  • Calcific tendinopathy of the shoulder

Is there good evidence that it works?

Yes, radial shockwave is widely used across NHS hospitals and is well endorsed by NICE, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. RSWT shows promising success rates across various types of tendinopathy in terms of pain reduction and functional improvement.

How many sessions will I need and how long is each treatment?
As a general approach, 3-6 weekly sessions are advised for best effect. Treatment sessions typically last for 30 minutes, depending on the condition being treated and the severity of the symptoms. Patients may experience mild discomfort during the procedure, but it is generally well-tolerated.

Radial shockwave therapy is often used as a conservative treatment option before considering more invasive procedures such as surgery. There is a success rate ranging from 60-90% depending on the condition being treated but has great results for both new and chronic injuries. 

Your shockwave treatment will also include specific rehabilitation to accelerate healing and prevent injury reoccurrence. 

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