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How to manage your stress levels

Stress is a huge subject, and is not something that can easily be broken down into a few sentences. However, it affects millions of people across the world to varying degrees, and can have profound effects on the human body and their wellbeing.

Since the start of time, organisms have relied on stress to survive, by stimulating the fight or flight response. However, in today's world the stress response is rarely about preservation of life, and we find ourselves exhibiting fight or flight responses when faced with psycho-social and psycho-emotional pressures. Over time, this can have profound effects on the immune system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system.... the list goes on. It is how we MANAGE our environment, and how we PROCESS perceived stress that is important in overcoming difficult situations.

Why not consider the following ways to help you manage your stress levels, and find what works for you:-

# Exercise regularly, this can help you clear your head and help you rationalise the stress you are experiencing. Exercise also releases calming chemicals in the brain to promote relaxation.

# Try and take control of the situation in finding a solution, and avoid being a passenger to stress.

# Reach out to colleagues, friends or family. Talking about problems really does help formulate action plans.

# Have some time to yourself, and do something you enjoy on a weekly basis.

# Push yourself, whether that's in the workplace or outside of that environment. Consider taking up a new sport or hobby that may push you out of your comfort zone.

# Avoidance behaviours such as smoking and drinking alcohol and caffeine won't help solve your problems. Try and confront the reasons why you are feeling stressed.

# Helping others around you is a great way of bringing positivity and value through your actions.

# Prioritise your work in order of importance. Try and accept that all work won't always get done, but you have completed what is most pressing at the time.

# Having a positive approach really does make a difference, and to those around you. Try and immerse yourself with people who also adopt positivity in their lives, you can all feed off each other's energy.

Coping with stress is never easy, but being able to use different management techniques can really improve your quality of life.


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