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National Stress Awareness Day

Stress is something that affects us all, and to varying degrees, be it from mental health problems or struggles with the work/life balance. Everyone reacts differently, and each of us have different ways of managing our stress levels.

The first Wednesday in November is about taking some time out for yourself, so you can learn how to manage life's little challenges. The Mental Health Foundation revealed that last year 74% of people at some point felt they couldn't cope because of stress.

When you are experiencing high levels of stress, your body releases higher than normal levels of adrenaline and cortisol. These increased hormonal levels can lead to physical symptoms of headache, stomach pains, as well as emotional experiences of anxiety.

It is important you find your way of easing your stress levels, and if you are unsure, then the list below may offer some pointers:-

# take regular exercise

# meditation

# mindfulness

# yoga

# listen to calming music, or a podcast

# reduce your daily intake of simple sugars and saturated fats

# drink plenty of water

# reduce your alcohol intake, and look to stop smoking (if applicable)

# set yourself a goal to give you focus

# remove yourself from stressful situations, and immerse yourself in positivity

It is important to recognise that everyone experiences high levels of stress, and it is completely natural to. Managing stress is the important tool in the toolbox, so you can give yourself an 'off' switch to unplug when it feels like all is getting too much.


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