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When should you have an injury assessed?

It wouldn't be a surprise should a patient carry an injury for a matter of weeks, months, or even years and expect to be 'fixed' in one session. This is where education is a crucial part of their journey to recovery, as they may have heard a friend of a friend say they were fixed after years of suffering back pain in just one hour.

Should you become injured, then early intervention is key to being able to diagnose and help the body repair. Aches and pains that are allowed to persist for weeks and months only extend the recovery time, as patients slowly move from the acute, to the subacute and then on to the chronic stages of injury.

Having had patients who have an event booked for the following day, and have been carrying an injury for months, expect a fix so they can run pain free, really do need to seek help when the injury arises. This offers a much better prognosis, rather than the potentially lengthy ordeal of peeling back the layers of a chronic injury.

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