Head 2 Toe Osteopathy offers treatment and rehabilitation to those suffering aches, pains and injuries. The Clinic at The Spot Wellness Centre, in the middle of Godstone, is close to Junction 6 of the M25 and the surrounding areas of Caterham and Oxted. We work closely with the team; patients can be assured that they will always receive a highly professional service.




Osteopathic advice

Feel free to browse these videos for self help exercises

Common problems

Osteopaths are trained to examine and diagnose a multitude of injuries with thorough orthopaedic tests

Sports injuries

A specialist area at Head 2 Toe Osteopathy with a clear focus on rehabilitation

Common running injuries

A brief look into running injuries and self help information

Postural related aches and pains

Postural injuries are becoming very common in the office environment

Shoulder Instability

From the facts to rehabilitation

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