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Shoulder pain at night? Read on...

Shoulder pain is a very common complaint, and whilst the reason for someone experiencing shoulder pain can be far reaching, there is one feature which may offer a good insight into what tissue may be injured.

Now, pain at night can sometimes be indicative of potentially more sinister illness, and this must be explored deeply to decipher whether someone's symptoms may be musculoskeletal in origin or not.

Rotator cuff injury is a common feature of shoulder pain at night, and there are a group of four muscles and tendons which may be injured causing these symptoms. Through special testing, your Osteopath can identify what has become injured and help you manage your injury accordingly.

Mengi et al. conducted a research project to observe how people's shoulder pain at night coincided with rotator cuff injury (confirmed by MRI). The main injuries observed were Supraspinatus calcific tendinopathy, Infraspinatus tendinosis, and Subscapularis tendinosis. Diagnosis is critical so the injury can be treated, and managed effectively to ensure 100% recovery.

Mengi, A. et al. (2022). Nocturnal pain in patients with rotator cuff related shoulder pain: A prospective study. Musculoskeletal Science and Practice. 59. 102536.


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