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What patients expect at their first osteopathic appointment

It is always interesting to hear what new patients expect from their first osteopathic appointment. Some may expect a discussion about their symptoms, some treatment and exercises, and interestingly, others have no idea at all or even know what an osteopathy is!

A study conducted by Tripodi, N. et al. (2021) surveyed 161 patients, asking them whether they expected manual therapy or not at their first appointment, if it was best practice for their presenting problem. Results showed 85.7% of patients surveyed expected some form of manual therapy at their first appointment. This research is important for Osteopaths, so patient expectations can be balanced to enhance their journey to recovery.

At Head 2 Toe Osteopathy, unless contraindicated, patients will receive manual therapy at their first appointment. Coupled with this, patients will be empowered about their presenting complaint, and given management strategies to help improve their symptoms. There will of course be patients who are assessed, and a referral deemed necessary before manual therapy can take place to ensure their safety is at the forefront.


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